Customer care – field service

The field service team of our company handles after-sales service for specialist trade customers professionally, continuously and individually. We safeguard and promote the success of our sales partners by timely communicating new developments, opportunities and trends. We help dependably and oriented to changing environment and the basic conditions, tackling most diverse requirements and tasks in this day and age. Our drive is the success of your perfect market presence.

Customer care – back office

Our inhouse staff is gladly available as dependable contact person and for our customers at any time. We answer your application questions, furnish you quickly with required documents and certificates or provide you with specific support and assistance as interface for requirements from many business areas.


Our company is present in various European and Asian countries since many years with success. We traditionally have extensive experience and professional competence in the creation of standard-setting, trend-setting structures in our fields of activity. We analyse and take the prevailing basic conditions and factors into account in order to offer a successful concept and orientation tailored to the regional requirements.