Becker Chemie


For three generations now, we have been developing cleaning agents, care products and cosmetic products for your industry-sector-specific requirements. As a manufacturer and a family-owned company with distinct quality awareness we employ latest test technology for quality control. This technology monitors the properties of our products on an ongoing basis thus enabling us real-time control during the production process and accordingly ensures permanent compliance with our high quality requirements.

Sustainability is our guiding principle

As a modern and innovative company, we are aware of our responsibility with regard to people and the environment. Exercising foresight in the development and production of our products we protect the resources water, air and soil since more than 85 years now.

We consider reasonable use of resources, perfect use of energy and raw materials as well as protection of the environment and climate as imperative challenge of our time and already now as indispensable investment into the future security of our enterprise and our society.

The experts in our inhouse laboratory work daily on optimising existing formulations regarding compatibility of efficiency, environmental tolerance and sustainability as carefully as possible. We succeed in this effort consistently and with great success because products from Becker Chemie do not only meet the stringent legal requirements, but we often surpass the standards set on our own initiative or we set new, pioneering standards ourselves.

Corporate policy

As a company, we aspire to be expert partner for our customers. In this context, we want to build up and maintain a long-lasting cooperation with our customers based on cooperative attitude. We want to tie our customers to us by our corporate values, such as dependability, flexibility and consistent product and delivery quality.

Cooperation with our customers is characterised in a spirit of equitable and trusting collaboration. We communicate openly with our customers in order to make complicated influences on our business understood.

Moreover, we operate sustainably towards the environment including avoidance of environmental damage and responsibly towards our employees. We therefore view our committed employees as part of our aspired entrepreneurial success.

Of course we have committed ourselves to adhering to all legal and official regulations.

We enable implementation of the above-mentioned aspects thanks to our integrated management system that is based on a process-oriented approach using the requirements of standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.