Independent. Autonomous. Modern. Innovative

In the year 1928, Walter Becker with his step into independence laid the foundation for a successful and constantly growing traditional company which has been in family ownership for three generations now.

Shortly after the company was founded, the range of products could already offer solutions for all relevant problems at that time. Particularly product presentations by travelling representatives to a large audience in busy city centres or on the still numerous markets at that time ensured rapid dissemination of Becker products with the result that the special products from Bielefeld became quickly known all over the country and in all sectors.

High product quality and the company founder’s entrepreneurial skills ensured that the company could gain further market shares and markets and was considered to be an indispensable supplier in many areas. The product portfolio has been permanently expanded and extended. New products for new application fields have been added time and again over the years supplementing and extending the existing ranges. Today, our company can count itself to be one of the very few suppliers of an entire product range in our scope of operations.

The continuous growth ensured that three new buildings were erected in Bielefeld within less than 25 years (1972, 1984 and 1995) in order to provide space and development possibilities for the rapidly growing enterprise. In the year 2004 and following a renewed period of growth – in the meantime Becker Chemie had more than 80 employees– the present works in Leopoldshöhe-Asemissen was built under strictest environmental regulations. In 2011 a large extension with additional 5,500 m2 production and storage area was built.

Apart from modern laboratories for research & development or quality assurance, our company with its storage, production and logistics capacities is optimally orientated toward the requirements on ‘Just-in-Time’ delivery.